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1% processing fee for client payments

Our Company

Vanguard I.T. is a technology services company that specializes in helping businesses improve their functionality via technology. As industries become more dependent on technology to run their operations, we believe that a sound technological presence improves businesses’ competitive advantage. Let Vanguard I.T. bring your company to the forefront via technology by giving us a call today!

Our Service

One of the ways Vanguard I.T. has assisted businesses improve their performance is with our flagship software service, Legitigant® Billing Management. Legitigant has helped many in the legal field improve their operations by either streamlining or automating law offices’ billable activities.


Our Product

We’ve also created a mobile device app, No Dining Curves to support restaurants and help people have the safest and most satisfying dining experience. No Dining Curves tracks restaurants’ health compliance and customer ratings across the country.